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SS Engineering Works

Bright Steel Bars Manufacturer

Construction sector is one of the most profitable industries that influences the growth of economy as well. Steel forms an integral part of the industry hence helps in improving economic stability as well. Steel as a material is durable and long lasting, therefore it is preferred by most of the laborers, manufacturers etc. One of the bi products of steel is bright bars which forms the basic material for various kinds of applications, not limited to only construction industry.

About Bright Bars applications

Technically, bright bars are steel bars only which are available in various geometrical dimension. The shape and size in this case matters as for specific application, specific shape is preferred. The closed tight structure provides immense durability to the products. Based on appearance, bright bars have a smooth surface, which appears bright owing to its shiny surface. Available shapes of bright bars include round, square, hexagonal, flats among others. SS Engineering Works is one of the well-known providers and Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in Haryana. They ensure to supply industrial grade high quality products to the clients and hence make use of different variants of steel as per the demand and requirement of the client. Being an industry pioneer Square Bright Bar Manufacturer in Haryana, the company delivers bright bars for various applications including the following:

  1. Automobile industry
  2. Engineering works
  3. Railway sector
  4. Agricultural sector
  5. Textile industry
  6. Défense sector
  7. Production of tools, fixtures, conveyor shafts, health machineries among other

Manufacturing of Bright bars

As bright bars are one of the prime components of various applications, its manufacturing too is very important. Basically, bright bars are raw materials manufactured by utilising alloys of stainless steel through various manufacturing stages. The underlying technique is that of cold drawing followed by multiple processes that give bright bars its shine, and diverse dimensions. At SS Engineering Works, the process is done in the most effective manner so that quality of the end product is not compromised and so is the company’s reputation of being a reliable Hex Bright Bar Manufacturer in Haryana. Coming to the manufacturing process, black bars the main raw material for production of bright bars. These black bars are products obtained after melting of raw materials. The next step is cold drawing process where this black bar is cooled at room temperature then subjected to further steps of processing that includes the following:

  1. Annealing
  2. Turning
  3. Grinding
  4. Polishing among others

These secondary processes results in proper finish of the bright bars and also provide a desired dimension to the bright bar based on the specific application. The final product possesses various other superior qualities including the likes of higher susceptibility, straightness, resistance from corrosion, concentricity among others.

Bright bars can be manufactured using drawing process that involves 3 main steps of rolling raw materials, drawing process and the ultimate final product. The final products are all manufactured as per the guidelines of the industry manufacturing process and hence ensures reliability. The company has been in existence for quite some years from now and has ever since been a top preferred company.


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