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Engineering Bright Bars and HB Wires

All engineering and manufacturing units to some or the other extent make use of steel and its related products. Steel has a promise of durability and longevity hence it is widely used in different types of industries. Bright bars are one of the products that have similar functions as steel but are comparatively low in quality and expensive. SS Engineering Work is one of the pioneer manufacturing units of bright steel bars of different shapes and dimensions. Based on application, the size and shape of the bright bar is decided and manufactured accordingly.

Bright Steel Bars and Black Steel Bars

There is a considerable difference between the 2 variants of steel bars. The company has dedicated team that understands the specific needs of the industry and manufacture appropriate steel bars in required dimensions. Throughout the entire process of development, there is constant quality check at every stage of development and there is no compromise on the overall quality of product. The bright steel variant is manufactured from the black steel. The latter is produced in a rolling mill and uses raw materials like billet, blooms and similar ones. These black bars are available in different shapes like round, hexagon, flat, and bars. In comparison to bright steel bars, these black bars have less tolerance power and hence they are comparatively less expensive too. The main production steps for the bright steel bars are as follows:

  1. •Drawing – The black bar is drawn through dies of the desired shape to enhance the tensile strength and yield. The process of drawing removes surface irregularities
  2. •Peeling – Peeling process eliminates the internal imperfections that are exposed during drawing process
  3. •Grinding – This process completely removes surface imperfections and improves the tolerance level
  4. •Polishing – It improves the surface finish
  5. •Cold rolling – This process gives the most complex shapes for the bright bars

Overall, both kinds of steel bars are produced via different process and into desired shapes and dimensions as per the application requirement.

All about HB Wires

HB wires are also known as mild steel wires and they are manufactured via a process known as cold drawing process. The basic raw material used in the cold drawing process is steel wire rod. This wire rod is descaled using a plain descaler and then processed using different kinds of dies and drums to get the final product. These dies are used to give the desired shape and dimension to the final product. SS Engineering work is one of the pioneers and trustworthy HB Wires Manufacturers in Haryana that produce and deliver standard products for industrial use. The main application of the HB wires is that they are used in the manufacturing of GI or galvanised wire, binding wire, weld mesh, electrodes, and many other products. These HB wires are also used for manufacturing of cement pole, cement pipe, bridges several handicrafts, spokes, and nails. HB wires and other similar products are although available on several online websites but at SS Engineering works the quality is always kept above quantity. The clients specify their needs and then the company manufactures relevant products to meet their requirements.

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