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Steel and Bright Bars Application

In construction industry, durability and strength are two aspects that manufacturers or industrialists vouch for. The main reason for it is that the durability and strength factors are the standing pillars of any construction work. Steel, being an important aspect of this construction sector is one of the most preferred raw materials. For different industries, however, steel is being used in different forms and dimensions that suits the specific requirement. At SS Engineering Works, the team is very clear about the client expectation and they cross check the details at every stage of development to ensure that only quality checked products are delivered to the client. Read further to know more about the steel and its products.

Steel and its classification

Steel is a real asset for development of an economy. It comes in different grades and different chemical compositions so as to meet the requirement of the industry. The addition or varying carbon composition defines the types available in the steel. Some of the major types of steel well known and widely used are as follows:

  1. Carbon steel which has 3 categories of low, medium, and high. The only drawback is that it is vulnerable to corrosion. This type of steel is pretty strong and hence used in various applications
  2. Alloy steel combines nickel, copper, and aluminium and it is comparatively more resistant to corrosion as well as is cheaper than the carbon steel
  3. Stainless steel is the most common type of steel available which can be moulded easily into varying shapes and they are corrosion resistant as well

Apart from all these types and applications, steels can be used for production of bright bars which found varied application in different sectors.

Bright Bars production and Application

SS Engineering works is one of the well-known and reliable Square Bright Bar Manufacturers in Haryana. Basically, these bright bars are steel bars which come in various geometrical dimensions. Usually, these type of steel bars have a tight dimensional structure with a shiny surface, hence the name bright bars. Not just limited to square bright bars, but the company is an ideal Hex Bright Bar Manufacturer in Haryana as well. What sets bright bars apart from similar steel products is the fact that the applications solely depend on the shape and dimension of the bright bars. These are used in varied applications including the likes of automobile industry, textile, agriculture, army and defence and many more industries. Bright steel bars of definite shape are used in the process of mining and construction of conveyor shafts. The best part about the bright bars is the fact that they could easily be moulded into desired shape and dimensions as per the requirement. Depending on the shape, the bright bars can range in diameter from 6mm to 75 mm.

Apart from bright bars, SS Engineering work are known to be a reputed Polished Wire Manufacturer in Haryana. Polished wires are used to strengthen the durability of a wire so that it can be used under drastic conditions. To get all similar products, there is no better way than SS Engineering work.

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