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Bright Bars applications

Manufacturing sector is one of the most influential and productive industry today that directly influences the economy of a country. A major component of both the manufacturing sector as well as a country’s economy is steel, which is used as raw material for several other end products. There are different grades of steel available and depending on the application, different grades can be selected. Once the raw steel is processed, it can be easily moulded into desired dimension and shape.

Production of bright bars

SS Engineering Works is one of the pioneers and well-known manufacturing unit that creates and deliver export quality end products that can be used in different applications. Steel is considered to be one of the most eco friendly and durable metals and hence the applications they are used in should have a strong base or foundation. With changes in industrial regulations and emerging technologies, there has been a shift from steel to bright bars of late. Being a leading Square Bright Bar Manufacturer in Haryana, SS Engineering Works has a team driven by passion to deliver no less than 100 percent genuine ed products. They are also a top-ranking steel round bar manufacturer in Haryana. The steps involved in manufacturing of such a valuable product are given in brief below:

  1. • The bright bars are manufactured using a process called cold drawing that provides a smooth surface quality to the end product
  2. • The first step in cold drawing is called shot blasting. In this step the surface scales are removed via iron particles
  3. • The output of shot blasting is passed via a cold drawing die to give the desired shape and dimension to the bright bar
  4. • As the grades of steel varies, one might often use a heat treatment before undergoing cold drawing process

The ultimate result will be a smooth shiny surface that gives the product its name of bright bars. Not only limited to bright bars, SS Engineering Works also a well-known Polished Wire Manufacturer in Haryana that too has varied applications in different industries.

Applications of bright bars

Bright bars are a common product and can be used in almost every other industry including the likes of automobile industry, agricultural sector, oil industry, mining sector, telecom, agricultural, healthcare, construction, chemical and many more industries. Some of the equipment made of these bright bars are as follows:

  1. • Surgical devices and medical parts
  2. • Pump shafts
  3. • Machine parts and components
  4. • Fasteners, screws, nuts and bolts
  5. • Hinges and many more

As discussed above there are square, round, hexagonal and various other shapes of bright bars available and the desired shape and dimension depends on the kind of application it is used in. Different kinds of bright bars are round bars, rectangular bars, stainless tell rectangular bars, hex bars etc. and these bright bars are also available in different grades. Being a bi product of steel, it is durable and high in tensile strength hence it can easily used in heavy manufacturing industries. With variation in steel grades however, the quality of the bright bar will also vary accordingly.

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