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Square Steel Bars Production

Steel and steel products contribute to a significant percentage of country’s economy. One of the products that find immense use in every other type of industry is bright bar, which is made out of steel as raw materials. The entire developing process of bright bars is complicated and carried out in different stages. There are various shapes, dimensions and sizes of bright bars available today and they have varied applications as well. Steel, as we all know has high durability and high tensile strength which makes it a core material for various construction purposes..

All about SS Engineering works

The company came into existence in 1968 and it is an ISO certified agency that is into developing various raw materials for industries and construction purpose. It is a reliable source manufacturing and exporting high quality bright steel bars of different types. The team has a well experience of over 54 years and that makes it an authentic Square Bright Bar Manufacturer in India. The team has been able to cater to the varied needs of their clients all these years and the end result has always been 100 percent satisfactory. Quality and timely delivery as two main focuses for the company. Some of the widely accepted and appreciated list of products includes the likes of HB wires, bright bar, polished wire, square bright bar, hex bright bar, steel round bar among others. All these products are manufactured in different grades. Some of the clients in the list includes land rover, Honda, hero, designco, etc.

Production of Bright Bars

SS Engineering Works is one of the leading Square Bright Bar Supplier and manufacturer in India. The entire development process is very crucial and time consuming that needs utmost perfection and expertise. It is manufactured in the factory, where the raw material i.e. steel undergoes various processes to get different dimensions and sizes of the bright bars. The main raw material is called black bars which undergoes different processes namely drawing, peeling, grinding, polishing and col rolling to get the desired out.

Complete Manufacturing process of Bright Steel Bars

Be it round, square or any other shape of bright steel bars, the basic manufacturing process is more or less same. The actual material used in the process is called black bars, which is entirely different from black steel bars. This black bar is passed through dyes in very cold conditions or by using a peeling machine where there are turned. Before the final cold finishing, the material undergoes heat treatment for added strength. In order to get different sizes, different processes are used as follows:

  1. Drawing – The black bar is drawn through different dyes to get desired shape which will reduce surface imperfection and provide tensile strength as well
  2. Peeling – Here also surface imperfection is reduce but internal ones are pulled out
  3. Grinding – The finished product is then moved towards grinding that enhance tolerance level and enhance surface finish
  4. Polishing is a process of enhancing the finish of the surface of the product
  5. Cold rolling – It is the final process that is majorly used to develop complex shapes

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