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Bright Bars- Overview and Application

Steel and steel products are highly used in various industries and manufacturing is one of them. Good quality steel is always preferred over other cheap raw material owing to its tensile strength and durability. One of the products made out of steel is bright bars which is extensively used in automotive industry these days. They are available in various sizes, dimensions and shapes depending on the application and usage. Accordingly, the company manufactures and delivers high quality final product to the clients.

Global face value of Bright Bars

Steel is an important part of the economy and so are its end products. Bright bars are exported in international market which found varied application in different sectors. The main aim of SS Engineering Works is to develop and export high grade steel products so that clients are assured of quality in delivery and products supplied. Being a leading Steel Round Bar supplier, the company has trade links with multiple companies that buy these export quality products to be used in industries like textile machine manufacturing, electrical, telecom, heavy engineering and many more. In various countries bright bars are widely used in arms and ammunition industries.

How the quality is checked before delivery?

The entire process right from the manufacturing to delivery is handled by different teams. Their core duty is to provide 100 percent satisfactory end result to the clients. Being a well developed and trustworthy Steel Round Bar manufacturer in Haryana, the company never compromises with the overall quality. Quality checks and tests are conducted at every stage of production and at the time of delivery a well-prepared test certificate is handed over to the client. The tests include stages like surface inspection for every single bar, testing the chemistry of each bar, verifying the dimensions, step down testing, upset forging testing, non-metallic inclusion test, testing any kind of internal damages, radioactivity test and many more. These are tests that are conducted by mechanical means and no there is no intervention by any physical means. Throughout different stages of production and supply, only high-grade raw materials are used, unless stated otherwise or as per the demand of the application.

Application of Bright Steel Bars

As the base material steel, bright bars found varied application in different sectors. Availability of bright bars in different dimensions and grades makes it a high in demand product for manufacturing industry. Bright bars are available in different shapes and dimensions and has been used in production of different products as follows:

  1. Fastener products including nuts, bolts, pins, rivets etc.
  2. Tools manufacturing especially those used by mechanics and technicians
  3. Machine components for different automobiles
  4. Construction and engineering works
  5. Fences, rails, staircases etc.
  6. Automobile frames and chassis

There are many more applications of steel bright bars. Every steel is not same and as per the grading system, there are steel available in different grades. Accordingly, there will be difference in quality of the products developed as well. Reducing the grade might be apt for different applications, while some may require use of high-quality products. Products are manufactured and delivered as per the client requirement.

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