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SS Engineering Works welcomes you!

SS Engineering Works (SSEW) was founded in 1968 and is a certified ISO company. Bright steel bars and wires of all grades are the company's forte. More than 54 years of manufacturing experience and a team of technocrats operating in an environment where product quality and on-time delivery are prioritised are the company's greatest assets. As a result, ss engineering works has consistently provided our affiliated partners with high-quality items throughout many years.

We can consistently deliver excellent results thanks to the partnerships we have cultivated with our customers, suppliers, financiers, and staff. Our policies aim to facilitate smooth operations for the benefit of all of our stakeholders by giving a structured approach to our work.

Our Products

HB Wires

Regarding Wire production and distribution, we rank among the best in India. The Wires s.s. engineering work offers their customers range from binding wires to steel wires to galvanised wires.

Bright Bar (Round Bar)

Cold-drawn bright steel bars of all shapes and sizes, including round, square, hexagonal, and octagonal, are produced by us.

Polished Wire

We provide Cold Drawn Bright Steel Bars in various shapes and sizes, including round, square, hexagonal, and D-shape varieties.

Square Bright Bar

Our firm is adaptable in light of our commitment to providing outstanding service and products under the Square Bright Bar brand.

Hex Bright Bar

There are various industrial and commercial uses for hex bars, and s.s. engineering works is the leading hex bar manufacturer and supplier.

Steel Round Bar

SS Engineering Works' extensive inventory of Steel Round Bars includes various grade, finish, and size options

Learn About Our Field

In Sonepat, Haryana, Lt. Shri Surjeet Singh Kandhari has just set the cornerstone of what will become the premier bright bar manufacturer in the world: ssengineeringworks. Mr Paramjeet Singh Kandhari joined the company in 1977, much like his father had.
What was once the dream of one guy has since achieved much success. SS Engineering Works (SSEW) has reached a significant milestone after over 60 years in business. The company has gotten where it is today because management has always focused on keeping its word and delivering on its promises.

Our Superiority

We guarantee dependability, consistency, and individualisation thanks to our carefully crafted quality procedures. From sourcing raw materials to Processing and distributing completed goods, ssengineeringwork employs stringent quality control measures at every supply chain step. To guarantee 100% satisfaction, we work tirelessly to improve our processes, controls, and quality assurance measures.
We place a high priority on quality as a means to ensure our continued success and market leadership. The company understands that its employees are the key to its success and is dedicated to equipping and educating them with the knowledge and resources they need to enforce its quality policy throughout the organisation.

Core Values

Our founding principles of knowing, serving, trusting one another, seeking perfection and advancing everyone's interests remain vital to who we are today. Together, these principles produce a virtuous loop sustaining our group's unity. By understanding our stakeholders' needs, ss engineering work can better serve them. We can better meet their needs thanks to our in-depth familiarity with them and our company. Trust between us and our customers and other stakeholders is built through our dedication to their needs and the promotion of their interests and the greater good. Our shared values are the bedrock of our company culture and serve as a compass for our actions.

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